The What's My Number calculator has now merged with Powerswitch.

You can still check your number for free on our homepage, and see how much you can save on power.

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About What's My Number

First seen in 2011, the Electricity Authority’s ‘What’s My Number’ campaign aimed to help people check their potential power savings. What’s my Number used Consumer NZ’s Powerswitch calculator to estimate those savings.

In 2019, following a recommendation for the Electricity Price Review, the Electricity Authority merged What’s My Number with the Powerswitch website, to make checking, comparing and switching power companies easier for people.

For twenty years Consumer NZ has provided Powerswitch, a free and independent electricity and gas price comparison service.

The more people who actively shop around for the best deal, the more competitive power retailers need to be. This competition benefits all consumers and means you don’t pay more for power than you need to.

Powerswitch makes it easy for you to compare power companies and prices across hundreds of power plans in just three easy steps. Electricity is a large expense for many households in New Zealand so find out if you could be on a cheaper power plan today!

How much could you save?