Flick Electric Co.
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Flick Electric Co.
PO Box 19098, Courtenay Place, Wellington 6149
0800 235 425
Terms and Conditions
Consumption Data

Request up to the last 24 months of your electricity consumption data (i.e. the amount of power you used). This information can help you understand your electricity usage habits and make informed decisions when choosing a power plan for your household.

Choose to request either:

  • a summarised report - the consumption data recorded on each of your bills, or
  • a detailed report - the consumption data in its most detailed format

The amount of data provided will depend on the period you are requesting for, the type of meter, and how often the meter was read, e.g. if you have a smart meter, your data may include 15-minute interval readings. We recommend requesting a summarised report due to the volume of information you could receive in a detailed report.

Email hello@flickelectric.co.nz
General Information

Flick Electric Co. offers two electricity plans: a wholesale spot price-based plan called Freestyle where prices vary every half-hour, and a fixed generation price plan called FIXIE. Both Flick price plans operate entirely without any fixed-term contracts. There are no joining or early exit fees.

Flick’s FIXIE plan gives customers more price certainty over their bills by letting them fix the generation price for 6 months at a time. On both plans all other charges such as network, metering fees and the EA Levy are passed on to customers at cost, with no mark-ups.

Flick is available almost everywhere in New Zealand as long as you have a smart meter.

Customers can use the free Flick app to monitor spot prices in real time. Flick's CHOICE product measures the impact from generation sources on individual household CO₂ levels. Flick is also Rainbow Tick certified and pays the Living Wage.

Flick is the only Consumer Trusted energy retailer. In 2018, Flick was awarded a Consumer NZ People's Choice award for energy retailers for the second year running.

Offer buy back power from grid-tied solar PV systems.


Electricity only.

Billing Options

Payment options:

  • Weekly by direct debit or credit card
  • Volt is a payment tool that gives Flick customers control over what they pay each week, making it easier to manage weekly budgets, especially during higher bill periods

Bill types:

  • Email
  • Web

Complain to your retailer first. If your complaint isn't resolved, ask Utilities Disputes to consider your complaint.

Flick is a Consumer Trusted retailer, so Flick customers can also contact Consumer NZ for assistance to resolve any issues.

Green Initiatives

Flick Electric Co. is carboNZero certified. It has developed the CHOICE product which allows consumers to track the current CO₂ emissions from generation sources, and see the impact of their electricity usage on the market — all within the Flick app.