Electric Kiwi

Name:Electric Kiwi
Address:PO Box 106165, Auckland 1143
Email:[email protected]
Terms and conditionshttps://www.electrickiwi.co.nz/terms-and-conditions

Electric Kiwi is an independently owned power and broadband supplier, founded in 2014 by three schoolmates from Whakatāne. It supplies power to around 80,000 customers and is a retailer only (i.e. it does not own any power stations).  

You need a smart meter to sign up for power with Electric Kiwi, because its plans are time-of-use based.  

Visit Electric Kiwi's website to find out more. 

  • All Electric Kiwi customers receive a free hour of power during an elected off-peak period every day. You can use as much power as you like during this hour without being charged.  
  • All Electric Kiwi plans offer cheaper off-peak power, with weekends included as off-peak. To maximise your savings, you should shift as much electricity as you can to off-peak periods.  
  • There are no contracts and no leaving or joining fees for any power or broadband plan. 
  • Electric Kiwi also offer discounts on EV charging services and solar systems.   

Electric Kiwi offers:  

  • Electricity.  
  • Broadband (you must be an Electric Kiwi power customer and have fibre already installed on your property). 

It does not offer gas.  

Electric Kiwi has a solar or home generation buy-back rate of 12.5c per kWh with its MoveMaster plan, and 8c per kWh on its standard Kiwi plan.  

Payment options: Choose to get weekly, fortnightly or monthly electronic bills that you can view via email, the app, or Electric Kiwi’s customer portal.  

Payment types: Direct debit or credit/debit card (the latter incurs a 1.5% surcharge). 

    Live chat: Contact Electric Kiwi through its website and app, open on business days from 8am to 10pm, and weekends from 10am to 8pm.  

    Phone: Request a call back from the contact centre team by filling in a form on its website. You should receive a call back on a weekday between 9am-5pm. 

    Email: [email protected] or submit a message form on Electric Kiwi’s website; you should get an email response within 2 business days. 

    Social: You can also send Electric Kiwi a message on Facebook. 


    If you have a customer complaint, contact Electric Kiwi as soon as possible; its customer service team will aim to resolve your issue within 20 business days or redirect your complaint to the appropriate team.  

    If your complaint isn’t resolved or you aren’t satisfied with the solution, contact Utility Disputes Limited 

    Vulnerable and medically dependent consumers 

    Electric Kiwi will not disconnect the power supply for unpaid bills for customers that have been verified as medically dependent. 

    For customers that have been verified as vulnerable, Electric Kiwi has a vulnerable customer procedure where customers are genuinely unable to pay. 

    Learn more about medically dependent and vulnerable customers. 


    You can access your usage data via the Electric Kiwi app or the customer portal on Electric Kiwi’s website.  

    You can also email [email protected] to request up to the last 24 months of your electricity consumption data.  You can choose either: 

    • a summarised report - the consumption data recorded on each of your bills, or 
    • a detailed report - the consumption data in its most detailed format. 

    All Electric Kiwi plans incentivise power consumption during the times of day where it is more likely the electricity consumed comes from renewable generation.  
    Electric Kiwi are trialling new technology to automate hot water cylinders to heat water during off-peak times. This may save customers money, but it also increases the likelihood that the power that comes from renewable sources.  
    Additionally, Electric Kiwi provides a “Green Meter” tool to help customers understand the predicted “greenness” of the grid at any given time. This is available as an app or on its website.