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Consumption Data

Request up to the last 24 months of your electricity consumption data (i.e. the amount of power you used). This information can help you understand your electricity usage habits and make informed decisions when choosing a power plan for your household.

Choose to request either:

  • a summarised report - the consumption data recorded on each of your bills, or
  • a detailed report - the consumption data in its most detailed format

The amount of data provided will depend on the period you are requesting for, the type of meter, and how often the meter was read, e.g. if you have a smart meter, your data may include 15-minute interval readings. We recommend requesting a summarised report due to the volume of information you could receive in a detailed report.

General Information

A “carbonZero certified” electricity retailer, meaning it offsets all carbon emissions from its operation by investing in renewable energy and electric vehicles. It also only enters into contracts with generators of renewable energy. Unlike many smaller retailers, offers contracts with a 3-year energy price freeze. Available throughout New Zealand as long as you have a smart meter.

Offer buy back power from grid-tied solar PV systems.


Electricity only.

Billing Options

Payment methods:

  • Monthly
  • Direct debit
  • Online payment

Bill types:

  • Paper
  • Email
  • Web



Complain to your retailer first. If your complaint isn't resolved, ask Utilities Disputes to consider your complaint.

Green Initiatives

Ecotricity only contracts with hydro, wind and solar generation and is New Zealand's only provider of carboNZero Certified electricity.