Payless Energy

Payless Energy Limited is a privately owned company and retails electricity in the Dunedin area.

 Company Information
Name Payless Energy
Logo  Payless EnergyPayless Energy
Street address PO Box 2105, South Dunedin, Dunedin 9044 
Phone number 03 456 2453
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 Consumption Data
Information & Instructions

Request up to the last 24 months of your electricity consumption data (i.e. the amount of power you used). This information can help you understand your electricity usage habits and make informed decisions when choosing a power plan for your household.

Choose to request either:

  • a summarised report - the consumption data recorded on each of your bills, or
  • a detailed report - the consumption data in its most detailed format

The amount of data provided will depend on the period you are requesting for, the type of meter, and how often the meter was read, e.g. if you have a smart meter, your data may include 15-minute interval readings. We recommend requesting a summarised report due to the volume of information you could receive in a detailed report.

Email address

Phone number

03 456 2453


 Products & Payment
Product range

 Provides electricity.

Billing options

Invoices can be paid by direct debit/automatic payment, credit card, online banking, PayPal, telephone banking or redirection of income. Advanced payments are accepted.

Online services

Secure live online switch application, secure online customer account, including online invoicing, payment facility and payment acknowledgement.

Direct online connection with dedicated Account Manager (located in Dunedin) for billing inquiries, submitting customer meter readings and general customer support.

Frequency of
actual meter reads


Customer service ratings*



 Community Involvement
Energy efficiency programmes


Green initiatives


Charitable involvement

A rewards programme designed to support local causes as selected/nominated by customers – some conditions apply. The programme is still in its development stage.


*Customer service ratings are from the Consumer NZ annual survey of energy provider satisfaction. The figure is the percentage of respondents who were “very satisfied” with their energy provider. For more information see Customer service ratings.