Switching companies, plans and contracts can seem daunting – but it’s really very easy. Here we answer all of your frequently asked questions such as how to switch, what your rights are, what you can do in certain situations, and how you can save even more money.

How Powerswitch works

How we calculate your energy savings.

Using Powerswitch

What you’ll need to complete a comparison, how to read your results, and more.

Pricing plans

How different types of plans offered by energy retailers work. 

Electricity prices

Why electricity bills have increased so much, what a low fixed charge rate is, and more.

Spot prices

A guide to spot pricing and how it works.

Where does your money go?

When you pay your energy bill, what are you actually paying for?

How much can I save by switching?

Is it worthwhile switching providers?

The switching process

It's quick and easy to switch electricity providers.

Legal contracts

The contract between you and your electricity retailer sets out your legal relationship.

Consumer rights

Answers to common questions about your legal rights and the supply of electricity. 

Vulnerable consumers

Alternative payment options, credit control, bonds, and standards for disconnections.

Making complaints

What to do if you have a problem with your power company.

Moving house

Moving to a new address is a great opportunity to use Powerswitch to get the best deal.

Green energy

New Zealand generates most of its electricity through renewable sources.

Powerswitch alerts

How to set up, change or delete a Powerswitch alert.

Powerswitch terms and conditions

By using Powerswitch, you accept these terms and conditions.