About Us


Powerswitch works out which power company and pricing plan is best for you. Using our comprehensive database of electricity and gas prices, it's easy to compare plans and find the cheapest deal in your area.

For detailed information about how Powerswitch calculates your energy savings see how it works. Read the terms and conditions here.

Why use Powerswitch?

Powerswitch is a free service that quickly identifies your power use and finds the best plans and prices to fit your needs. Spending a few minutes answering some simple questions such as how many people live in your home and what sort of appliances you use could save you hundreds of dollars a year. And, if you choose to make the switch to a new provider, Powerswitch can help you do that.

Powerswitch also includes information on contracts, making complaints, and price trends, as well as energy-saving tips for your home and contact details for electricity and gas companies.

Powerswitch is a free and impartial service.

How is it funded?

Powerswitch is provided by Consumer NZ with support from the Electricity Authority and the Gas Industry Company. Powerswitch aims to be an informative tool for consumers and to encourage competition in the electricity market.

Consumer NZ
An independent, non-profit organisation established in 1959 with the sole aim of getting New Zealand consumers a fairer deal, Consumer NZ publishes Consumer magazine and www.consumer.org.nz.

Its work includes comparative tests and surveys of consumer goods and services; research into and advice on food, health, safety, welfare, environmental and financial matters; representation at parliamentary committees and public enquiries; consumer education and complaints advisory work. For more information visit www.consumer.org.nz.

Electricity Authority Whats My Number campaign

Consumer Powerswitch provides the estimated annual savings calculations for the Electricity Authority Whats My Number website. To visit the website go to www.whatsmynumber.org.nz.